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A Synopsis of Paper 77: The Midway Creatures

Most inhabited worlds harbor groups of unique beings who fall into a category between humans and angels. These midway creatures are valuable helpers and are an essential order of planetary ministers. On Urantia there are two types: primary midwayers, whose origin dates back to early Dalamatia, and secondary midwayers, who came into existence during the days of Adam.

The physical members of the Prince's staff, though capable of sexual reproduction, had been ordered not to procreate. It came as a surprise to them when, as the result of a non-sexual liaison between a male and a female, the first of the primary midwayers appeared. Upon the discovery that such a creature could be of great service, permission was granted for each couple to produce a similar being. Eventually fifty thousand midway creatures were produced. These midwayers became Caligastia's intelligence corps, studying and observing the human races. They rendered invaluable service in the work of influencing human society.

The secondary midwayers also sprang partially from the Nodite race. The Life Carriers had projected that the flesh-and-blood staff members would sometime mate with the best of the Andonites. They planned that resultant offspring would mate with the first generation of Adam and Eve's children to produce a new order of teacher‑rulers.

It was assumed that the Prince's staff, having bodies generated by the plasm of the Andonites, would have children resembling other Andonites. But when the rebel members of the Prince's staff resorted to sexual reproduction, their offspring proved to have superior mental, physical, and spiritual capacity. These children became the ancestors of the magnificent Nodite race, the "mighty men of old."

After the sinking of Dalamatia, the Nodites founded the city of Dilmun as their new racial and cultural headquarters. Gradually the pure-line Nodites intermingled with the evolutionary races and dispersed to form three great Nodite centers: The western, or Syrian Nodites, moved north and mated with the Andonites; the eastern, or Elamite Nodites, settled near Mesopotamia in "the land of Nod"; and the central Nodites eventually blended with Adamites to establish the Sumerian culture. A fourth strong Nodite center to the north was made up of the loyal followers of Van who had established their center of culture around the shores of Lake Van.

Among the children of Adam who elected to stay on earth after the default of his parents was Adamson, the first-born son. Adamson's wife and children had chosen to be transported to Edentia. When he was 120 years old, Adamson traveled north from the second Garden in search of the highland home of Van. Here he met a beautiful woman, Ratta, who claimed to be the last pure‑line descendant of the fallen staff members. Within three months Ratta and Adamson were married.

Adamson and Ratta had sixty-seven children and founded a great line of world leaders. Sixteen of these children were of a unique order, often invisible. Ratta was perturbed by and even superstitious of these strange children, but Adamson well knew of the primary midwayers and concluded that these children were somewhat similar to the original midway creatures. He decided to mate male and female; their progeny constituted the origin of the secondary midwayers. The eight sets of male and female children of Ratta and Adamson lived and died as mortals, but produced 1,984 immortal secondary midway creatures. Adamson and Ratta had the benefit of these wonderful helpers throughout their long lives. Adamson lived for 396 years. The culture he and Ratta founded near the Caspian Sea lasted for almost seven thousand years.

After the death of Adamson, the secondary midwayers became disorganized. Over forty thousand primary midwayers and nine hundred secondary midwayers were influenced by the philosophy of Lucifer and fell into rebellion against the local universe government. These midwayers are now in custody, waiting for the final adjudication of the case against Lucifer.

The United Midwayers of Urantia currently function as a single corps numbering 10,992. Their motto is: "What the United Midwayers undertake, the United Midwayers do." They are able to follow human humor and worship, and enter into the spirit of mortal work, rest, and play. They do not sleep or procreate.

Primary midwayers are more like angels than humans. Secondary midwayers are nearer to humans than angels; they exist just outside the range of mortal vision. They can make contact with material things, and have power over the things of time and space. Many acts attributed to angels have been performed by secondary midwayers.

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