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A Synopsis of Paper 7: Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe

The Eternal Son upholds the vast creation of spirit realities and spiritual beings. He is the sovereign of the spiritual universe because he controls the spiritual gravity circuit. Spiritual gravity functions independently of time and space; it is unreduced by time delays or space diminution. Sin and rebellion may interfere with the operation of a local universe, but nothing can suspend the spiritual gravity of the Eternal Son. The spirit-gravity circuit creates cohesion within the universe as a whole, as well as between individuals and groups.

The spiritual-gravity circuit is the secret of the Paradise ascension of surviving mortals. As time passes, ascenders become progressively less subject to material gravity and more responsive to spirit gravity. The spirit-gravity circuit literally pulls the mortal soul Paradiseward. This circuit is also the basic channel for the transmission of prayers from the human mind to the consciousness of Deity.

On Paradise, the Eternal Son's presence is spiritually absolute. He is not personally present in the superuniverses; his administration there is not discernible by created beings. In the local universes, the Eternal Son is present through the persons of the Paradise Creator Sons.

The ascension plan for material beings is a joint creation of the Father and the Son. The universal plan for the creation, evolution, ascension, and perfection of will creatures embraces three correlated undertakings. The Universal Father bestows Thought Adjusters on material will creatures and endows them with personality. The Eternal Son bestows his Creator Sons upon the evolutionary universes to manifest the love of the Father and the mercy of the Son to all creatures. The Infinite Spirit operates a tremendous enterprise of mercy ministry to all mortals. The Father, Son, and Spirit cooperate in the work of creation, control, evolution, revelation, administration, and if necessary, restoration and rehabilitation of the ascending creatures of the universes.

The Eternal Son cannot directly contact human beings, but he does draw near them by gradually down stepping himself. The Eternal Son and the Creator Sons can bestow themselves on lower order of created beings to share the experiences of intelligent will creatures of the universes. Incarnation is the technique by which the Son escapes from the fetters of absolute personality.

The Eternal Son's mercy and service characterize all orders of descending Sons of God. When the Father and the Son jointly project a new personal thought, this idea is instantly personalized as a new Paradise Creator Son. In spirit and nature, each Paradise Son is a perfect portrait of the Original Son. All Sons of God who originate in the Paradise Deities are in continuous communication with the Eternal Son. The Eternal Son has perfect knowledge concerning the activities of all orders of Paradise Sons, just as he has knowledge regarding everything of spiritual value existing in the hearts of all creatures in time and eternity.

The Eternal Son is a complete, exclusive, universal, and final revelation of the spirit and personality of God. He and the Father are one. In divine personality they are coordinate, in spiritual nature they are equal, and in divinity they are identical.

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