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A Synopsis of Paper 6. The Eternal Son

The Eternal Son is the original Son of God, the Second Person of Deity, and the Second Great Source and Center. The Son is the spiritual center of the universe government and the personal manifestation of God the Father in the universe. The Son co-creates with the Father and shares the sonship experience with all other created beings; he loves us as both father and brother. Mercy is the essence of the Eternal Son's spiritual character. He reveals the love of God to the universes.

All spiritual beings are responsive to the drawing power of the Eternal Son. He is omnipotent in the spiritual realm. Although the Son does not personally function in the physical domains, his omnipresence constitutes the spiritual unity and cohesion of all creation. The spirit of the Eternal Son is with us and around us, but not within us as is the Thought Adjuster. The indwelling Father fragment adjusts the human mind to divine attitudes, and such a mind becomes increasingly responsive to the spiritual drawing power of the Son.

Personality is the exclusive gift of the Universal Father. The Son gives origin to a vast spirit host, but he creates personality only in conjunction with the Father or the Conjoint Creator. The Son's personality is divine and absolute; it cannot be fragmented. The spirit fragment of the Father dwells within us, the spirit of the Son surrounds us, and the two forever work as one for our spiritual advancement.

The Eternal Son is spirit and has mind, but not a spirit or mind which mortal mind can comprehend. The kind of mind that allies with spirit is not comparable to either material mind or mind that coordinates matter and spirit. The Son's mind is unlike any other in the universe except the Father's.

The Eternal Son is wholly spiritual. Since mortals are nearly entirely material, human understanding of the Son must await attainment of increased spiritual insight. The Son is a merciful minister, a divine spirit, and a spiritual power and personality. The Son is the sum of the First Source and Center, divested of all which is nonpersonal, extra-divine, nonspiritual, and purely potential.

As God is the Universal Father, the Son is the Universal Mother. The Father and Son are separate individuals, but in the administration of the universes they are so interrelated that it is not always possible to distinguish between them. God is the initiating thought and the Son is the expression, the Word. The Father is the bestower of human personality; the Son is the pattern of mortal personality attainment; the Spirit is the source of the mortal mind.

The Son is approachable through his Paradise Sons and through the patient ministry of the creatures of the Infinite Spirit. Throughout the local universe experience, a Creator Son will compensate for the inability of mortals to appreciate the significance of the Eternal Son in Paradise. As we progress toward Paradise, we will enjoy an ever-enlarging comprehension of the Eternal Son.

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