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A Synopsis of Paper 56: Universal Unity

The universe of universes is one mechanism controlled by one mind. Physical, intellectual, and spiritual realities are divinely correlated and are unified in the plans of the Architects of the Master Universe. Non-spiritual realities spring from pure energy. Divine overcontrol of all energy systems springs from pure spirit. Pure energy and pure spirit seem to be diverse phenomena, but both are centered in the Paradise Father-they are one because God is one.

Mind is the inevitable link between spiritual and material realities. At the Creator's first thought, two realities appeared: the Isle of Paradise (energy) and the Eternal Son (spirit). Mind unifies these two universe expressions of God. Mind, an endowment of the Infinite Spirit, is unified throughout time and space. From the adjutant mind spirits, to the mind of the chief executive of a universe, to the Seven Master Spirits, to the Supreme Mind-all mind ministry is perfectly correlated through the mind of the Infinite Spirit.

God is one. He reveals himself through the dual phenomena of spirit and energy. Likewise, Paradise spirit realities are one, but this single spirit is revealed through the spirit personalities of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, and through the prepersonal spirit entities of the Father. All spiritual phenomena are derived from one God.

Perfected creature existence is attained when mortal mind fuses with a fragment of spirit. When a mortal mind, created by Sons of the Eternal Son and Daughters of the Infinite Spirit, fuses with the Father's Thought Adjuster, it becomes blessed with a threefold spirit endowment. This triple endowment becomes perfectly unified in finaliters even as it was originally unified in the I AM.

Spirit ultimately becomes Trinity-unified. God is a divinely unified personality, and his ascendant children who come to Paradise by the rebound of the Thought Adjusters will also be fully unified personalities.

Personality inherently reaches out to unify all constituent realities. Through the personality circuit, each creature can maintain unbroken contact with the Father of personalities on Paradise. Philosophically, we may postulate plural Deities and Trinities, but our worshipful contact with God the Father reveals that he is one.

There are three eternal personalizations of Deity, but in the Paradise Trinity they are one undivided Deity. Divinity functions in the superuniverses through the Creator Sons and Spirits, the Ancients of Days, and the Seven Master Spirits. These first three levels of God the Sevenfold lead inward to Paradise through the coordination of the evolving Supreme Being.

In the central universe, Deity unity is a fact. In the evolving universes, Deity unity is an achievement.

Before the creation of the seven superuniverses, God the Supreme functioned only on spiritual levels. The Creators of the grand universe instigated the evolution of the power prerogatives of the Almighty Supreme. This new power of Deity coordinates with the spiritual person of the Supreme through the Supreme Mind, which sprang from the infinite mind of the Infinite Spirit. Mortals can comprehend Deity unity only as it evolves in the power-personality synthesis of the Supreme Being.

Evolution in the universes is accompanied by an increase of revelation of Deity to universe residents. Ascending mortals may experience the impersonal presence of Deity before they know these Deities on a personal level. As the creations of time and space progress, God the Supreme functions more fully and the Creator Sons and Spirits, Ancients of Days, and Master Spirits begin to withdraw.

The Supreme Being unifies divinity in time and space. He is the maximum level of Deity that mortals can comprehend. Through him, humans learn to experience absonite mind, eternal spirit, and Paradise personality. Finaliters, born in the local universes, nurtured in the superuniverses, and trained in the central universe, will have the potential to comprehend how God the Sevenfold unifies in the Supreme.

As worlds settle in light and life, the main pursuit of advancing mortals becomes the study of the comprehensible elements of Deity-truth, beauty and goodness-through philosophy, cosmology, and divinity. These qualities represent the revelation of Deity to the worlds of time and space. Eternal truth is the ministry of the Paradise Sons. Universal beauty is a reflection of the Isle of Paradise. Divine goodness is most fully shown in the ministry of the Infinite Spirit. Love, the sum of truth, beauty, and goodness, is man's perception of God as his Father. Our increasing understanding of the love of God yields the fruits of divinity: intellectual peace, social progress, moral satisfaction, spiritual joy, and cosmic wisdom.

Love is the greatest thing in the universe.

God is love.

Love is the desire to do good to others.

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