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A Synopsis of Paper 55: The Spheres of Light and Life

The final attainment of an evolutionary world is the age of light and life. Once attained, the era of light and life continues forever.

A morontia temple appears at a planet's entry into light and life. Morontia temples are designed on system headquarters and are built by Morontia Power Supervisors and Master Physical Controllers. Three hundred thousand seats provide for silent cosmic contemplation, revelation of spirit beings, graduation exercises, and fusion ceremonies.

A planet in the golden ages of light and life has achieved one language, one religion, and one race. Disease has not been entirely vanquished; hospitals still exist to treat accidental injuries and the infirmities of old age. Human government continues. In the advanced stages of light and life on a planet, idleness, poverty, degeneracy, insanity, and delinquency virtually disappear. Science, art, and industry flourish; economic life becomes ethical. War is known only in history; there are no armies or police forces. Government fades away in inverse proportion to morality and spirituality. Life is refreshingly simple.

Advanced mortals are taught the local universe language before fusion. Most people who live on worlds in the advanced stages of light and life do not die; they are translated directly to the morontia existence through fusion. When people gather in the morontia temples to observe the passing of a loved one to the mansion worlds, it is an occasion of great joy.

Universes also pass through stages of light and life. The first stage begins when a single planet settles in light and life; the second stage occurs when a whole system is settled. The third is the constellation stage and the fourth is the local universe stage. The fifth and sixth stages (minor and major sectors) are relatively insignificant, but the seventh stage when an entire superuniverse settles in light and life may trigger sweeping changes in the entire superuniverse.

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