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A Synopsis of Paper 48: The Morontia Life

The only possible method by which mortals can transform from material beings into perfected spirits is through the transition of morontia life.

Morontia materialization is a union of material and spiritual energies made possible by the Morontia Power Supervisors, who provide each ascender with five hundred and seventy consecutive  morontia bodies. The Power Supervisors work in close association with both the physical controllers and the seraphim. Millions of Morontia Power Supervisors coordinate the physical and spiritual energy that flows into the morontia realms.

Morontia Companions serve ascenders as companions, hosts, instructors, translators, excursion supervisors, and custodians.

Reversion Directors volunteer to help mortals rest their minds through humor. They assist ascenders in reverting memories to a former state of being by creating reminiscent jests. Reversion directors also promote the unimportance of personal anxiety and the satisfaction that all things work together for good.

Billions of Mansion World Teachers are recruited from the ranks of cherubim and sanobim who have completed their work as assistants to guardian seraphim. Teachers usually work in pairs in the schools of things, feelings, doing, ethics, administration, social adjustment, philosophy, divinity, and spirituality.

Transition Ministers are seraphim devoted to facilitating the transition from life in the flesh to existence on the seven mansion worlds. Since the morontia life begins at the conception of the soul, Transition Ministers begin their work on the evolutionary worlds. Transition Ministers proclaim the gospel of eternal progression and perfection attainment. They counsel human teachers about truth, righteousness, and the goodness of God. The Transition Ministers are psychologists, counselors, philosophers, instructors and recorders. From these seraphim, ascenders learn to let pressure develop into stability; to be faithful, earnest, and cheerful; to accept challenges without complaint and difficulties without fear.

There is a divine purpose in the morontia scheme of extensive training for ascending creatures. Passage through this life will be joyous, but it also has a practical objective; the goal of transcendent service in the universes. The entire universe is a vast training school through which mortals are piloted, one by one, to their destiny as Paradise finaliters in service to new universes in the making.

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