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A Synopsis of Paper 47: The Seven Mansion Worlds

Fifty-six worlds encircling Jerusem-seven planets each surrounded by seven planets-are devoted to the transition of ascending mortals.

The mansion worlds are the seven planets surrounding transitional world number one.

Transitional world number one, also known as the finaliter world, is the location of the probationary nursery. The probationary nursery is devoted to the care of children who die on evolutionary worlds before they acquire individual status on the universe records. Parents who have growing children in the probation nursery are given every opportunity to participate in their children's training. All ascending mortals must experience raising children at some time during their universe careers, either on their native planets or during the afterlife.

All children who have Thought Adjusters but who have not made a final choice about the ascension career are repersonalized on the finaliter world. Any time after sixteen years of age these children may translate to the first mansion world and begin their Paradise ascent.

The center of all activities on the first mansion world is the resurrection hall, the temple of personality reassembly. Resurrected mortal survivors resume their lives just where they were when overtaken by death. Thought Adjusters hold human mind transcripts and memory patterns; mortal identity potentials are kept by the seraphic guardians of destiny. These two mortal components reassemble when sleeping survivors are restored to complete personality in the resurrection halls. Mortals resume their intellectual and spiritual training precisely at the point where they were when interrupted by death.

A new morontia body is acquired on each mansion world. Adjuster memory remains fully intact from one world to another. Everything in human mental life that has survival value is retained as part of personal memory throughout the ascendant career. Survivors become less material and more intellectual from one world to the next, but will continue to eat, drink, and rest.

Mansion world number one pertains to deficiency ministry-correction of the legacies of life in the flesh. Mansion world number two is devoted to the removal of intellectual conflict and disharmony. More positive educational work begins on world number three, where ascenders gain practical insight into metaphysics, cosmic meanings, and universe interrelationships.

On world number four, mortals learn about the social life of morontia creatures, which is based on mutual appreciation, mutual service, and awareness of the common destiny of divine perfection. Ascenders begin to become God-knowing, God-revealing, God-seeking, and God-finding.

The culture of the fifth mansion world corresponds to the early era of light and life on normal planets. Ascenders, having mastered the local universe language, now devote time to the perfection of the language of Uversa. They also begin to learn about the constellation study worlds. A real birth of cosmic consciousness takes place on world number five; ascenders become universe conscious. Study becomes voluntary and worship becomes spontaneous.

Time on mansion world number six is a brilliant age for ascending mortals. Fusion frequently occurs on this planet.

The last remnants of "the mark of the beast" are eradicated on mansion world number seven. Here one engages in greater spiritual worship of the unseen Father. Classes begin to form for graduation to Jerusem, where groups of ascending mortals are welcomed onto system headquarters as citizens. John the Revelator had a vision of the arrival of a class of advancing mortals on Jerusem when he said, "And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire; and those who had gained the victory over the beast that was originally in them and over the image that persisted through the mansion worlds..."

Mortal death is merely a technique of escape from life in the flesh. The mansion world experience is the transition between material existence on earth and the higher spiritual attainment of eternity.

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