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A Synopsis of Paper 46: Local System Headquarters

Jerusem, the capital of Satania, is nearly perfect materially, morontially, and spiritually.

One day on Jerusem is a little less than three Urantia days. There are no days, nights, or seasons. Jerusem is not luminous in space, and would not be visible from Urantia even if it were near us.

Jerusem has no mountain ranges, no earthquakes, and no storms. There are thousands of small lakes but no rivers or oceans. The atmosphere is a mixture of three gases. On Jerusem there are no conflicting forms of life, no survival of the fittest, no struggle for existence. Jerusem so transcends the things of Urantia that comparison is almost grotesque.

Mount Seraph, 15,000 feet high, is the point of departure for seraphic transports. Transports arrive on the planet on the "sea of glass," a crystal field that also serves as a receptor of the universe broadcasts. This broadcast‑receiving station is surrounded by an amphitheater large enough to hold five billion material and morontial beings, plus innumerable spirit beings. Listening to universe broadcasts is the most popular of all leisure activities on Jerusem. Occasionally, messages come in from Paradise and the entire population gathers to enjoy the reflectivity phenomenon.

Each of the seven major groups of universe life is assigned a set of seven concentric residential circles. The circles of the Sons of God are successively elevated so that each of the outer circles overlooks the smaller inner circles. People who live in these circles are Magisterial Sons, Trinity Teacher Sons, Melchizedeks, Vorondadeks, Lanonandeks, Life Carriers, and ascending sons. The Michael memorial fills the center of the circles.

Solitary Messengers, messenger hosts, ministering spirits, administrator seraphim, planetary seraphim, transition ministers, and some unrevealed orders occupy the circles of the angels. The circles of the universe aids surround the headquarters of the Evening Stars. The circles of the Master Physical Controllers are arranged around the enormous temple of power.

The circles of the ascending mortals contain a working model of Edentia surrounded by six hundred and nineteen memorials representing the inhabited worlds of Satania. The circles of the courtesy colonies house an observatory, an art gallery, and the theater of the reversion directors. The circles of the finaliters surround a vacant, sealed temple, similar to one on every system headquarters in Nebadon.

Spornagia live within the rectangles. Spornagia, animal-type beings devoted to the material care of the headquarters world, serve all manner of universe personalities. They are the landscape gardeners of Jerusem, and use lower animals to help them in their work. Spornagia do not possess souls or personality. They can live forty to fifty thousand years. Spornagia are the only creatures in the universe who experience reincarnation when their bodies wear out.

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