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A Synopsis of Paper 45: The Local System Administration

The chief executive of any local system is a primary Lanonandek Son. The System Sovereign is entrusted with unusual personal prerogatives. The present system sovereign of Satania, Lanaforge, is a gracious and brilliant ruler who demonstrated his loyalty to Michael during the second outbreak of rebellion in Nebadon. Lanaforge is a frequent visitor to Urantia.

Members of the Urantia advisory council are known as the four and twenty counselors. They live on Jerusem, the administrative capital of Satania. The four and twenty counselors are the personal agents of Michael in all matters concerning mortal ascension on the isolated worlds of the system. Counselors include representatives from the Urantia races, Adam and Eve, Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Machiventa Melchizedek, John the Baptist, and 1‑2‑3 the First. Eight seats on this committee are being kept in reserve for future teachers and ascending mortals from Urantia.

Jerusem is surrounded by seven major satellites: the Finaliter World, the Morontia World, the Angelic World, the Superangel World, the World of the Sons, the World of the Spirit, and the World of the Father. Jerusem is the location of more than thirty educational centers maintained by the Melchizedeks.

Elective bodies on Jerusem are voted into authority by three groups: Material Sons and Daughters, seraphim and associates, and mortals. Suffrage is universal among these three groups, but votes are weighted according to each individual's mota achievement. Mota is so important that ascenders cannot leave system headquarters to begin their constellation career until they are certified for achievement of mota personality.

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