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A Synopsis of Paper 42: Energy--Mind and Matter

The foundation of the universe is material, but the essence of life is spirit. All energy is under God's control. Energy and matter are manifestations of the same cosmic reality, a phenomenon inherent in the Universal Father. The first measurable form of energy, the ultimaton, has Paradise as its nucleus.

The river of energy and life pours out from the Deities, pervading all creation. The force organizers modify space‑force into energy, the power directors transmute energy into matter, and the material worlds are born. Energy is indestructible. It may be subject to endless transformation, but having originated in Paradise, energy will ultimately return there.

Energy denotes motion, action, and potential. Force is pre‑gravity; power is post‑gravity.

Space potency refers to a pre‑reality known as absoluta on Uversa. Primordial force is pure energy. It is the first basic change from space potency and is known as segregata. Emergent energies are two forms of primordial force known on Uversa as ultimata. Havona energy, triata, is characteristic of the triune energy systems of the central universe. Transcendental energy operates only with absonite beings, and is known as transota. Monota is the living non‑spirit energy of Paradise.

There are ten divisions of matter: ultimatonic, subelectronic, electronic, subatomic, shattered, ionized, atomic, molecular, radioactive, and collapsed. Matter is identical in every universe except Havona. Power centers manipulate the basic units of materialized energy-ultimatons-into electrons. The metamorphosis of energy and matter is influenced by gravity, temperature, velocity, revolution, energy currents, distance, and the presence of force organizers and power directors.

In Orvonton one hundred octaves of energy behave with wavelike tendencies. Sixty-four of these octaves are recognized on Urantia, including electronic energy, gamma rays, X‑rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared rays, and radio waves. The human eye reacts to just one octave, the visible white light of sunlight.

The formation of matter resembles the solar system: a relatively stable energy nucleus surrounded by whirling energy units. There are one hundred atomic stabilized atomic elements in Nebadon.

Material mind systems are non‑spiritual energy systems. These include the mechanical mind, adjutant‑spirit minds, evolving morontia minds, and the cosmic mind-the mind of time and space as ministered by the Master Spirits. Mind always connotes the presence of living ministry plus various energy systems. The universe is neither mechanical nor magical; it is planned and administered by the spirit‑mind of the Creator.

Nearly every being in the superuniverses has a form. Humans think of a body as having a spirit, but spiritual beings regard spirit as having a body. The spirit is the architect, the mind is the builder, and the body is the material building.

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