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A Synopsis of Paper 40: The Ascending Sons of God

There are seven classes of ascending sons. The non-mortal classes include evolutionary seraphim, ascending Material Sons, translated midwayers, and Personalized Adjusters. The mortal classes of ascending sons are Father-fused mortals, Son-fused mortals, and Spirit-fused mortals.

Mortals are also classified according to their type of Adjuster. Series one mortals are indwelt with transient Adjusters. This is a temporary series, appearing during the early eras of some inhabited worlds. Series one Adjusters contribute much to the advancement of primitive men but are unable to achieve union with them.

Series two mortals are also unable to attain eternal union with Adjusters. Many non‑breathers belong to this series, along with many other groups who do not usually fuse with Adjusters. These mortals are often indwelt by virgin Adjusters. It is unknown why these beings cannot fuse with the Father fragments.

Series three are mortals of Adjuster‑fusion potential. They are all of animal origin, and may be one‑brained, two‑brained, or three‑brained. Nearly all surviving mortals fuse with their Adjusters during their sojourn on the mansion worlds, thereby entering a career of nearly limitless universe service. Since Thought Adjusters take origin in the Father, they do not cease striving until the mortal of their indwelling stands face to face with God.

Mortals who fail to attain fusion with their Adjuster may become fused with a fragment of the spirit of the Creator Son. These Son-fused mortals are rare, numbering less than one million in Orvonton. They usually live permanently in the superuniverse of their birth. The wisdom of Son-fused mortals is a vital factor in the settling of a universe.

Spirit‑fused mortals are those who fuse with the spirit of the Third Source and Center. When they arrive in the resurrection halls of the morontia spheres they are like newly created beings, without human memory. Spirit‑fused mortals are permanent citizens of the local universes.

God loves each of his sons alike, and his love utterly eclipses all other facts. All souls of every possible phase of mortal existence will survive, provided they cooperate with their indwelling Adjusters and desire to find God and to attain divine perfection.

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