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A Synopsis of Paper 38: Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe

Seraphim are created by the universe Mother Spirit. Seraphim are just outside the mortal range of vision. Seraphim appreciate human efforts in music, art, and humor. They are mathematical prodigies. Seraphim truly love mortals, and only good can result from the effort to understand them. Once they complete their training, seraphim are commissioned as ministering spirits of time. They gather in groups of 24, companies of 288, battalions of 3,456, units of 41,472, and legions of 497,664. Twelve legions constitute a host and twelve hosts make an army of 71,663,616 angels.

Cherubim and sanobim are slightly lower than the seraphim spiritually. They assist the seraphim in routine spiritual matters on individual worlds but never attend to human beings. Every fourth cherub is nearly material. These quasi-material types are able to perform many indispensable tasks. Cherubim and sanobim may become ascension candidates; some achieve full seraphic standing.

Midway creatures appear on most inhabited worlds and all decimal planets. Primary midwayers, the more spiritual type, are progeny of the mortal staff of the Planetary Prince. They resemble angels more than mortals. On a normal world, primary midwayers are the intelligence corps of the Planetary Prince.  Secondary midwayers are a more material group and are quite similar to human beings. There are twenty-four diverse techniques by which secondary midwayers can be created. If midwayers remain faithful to their trust, they eventually enter into the ascension plan alongside their mortal brethren.

Beings descending from the Father and the Son are spoken of as sons, while children of the Spirit are referred to as daughters. For this reason, all mortals are considered sons of God, even if they are female, and all angels are referred to as daughters of God.

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