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A Synopsis of Paper 32: The Evolution of the Local Universe

Once a material creation has been planned by the Architects of the Master Universe, the Master Force Organizers manipulate primordial energy until it becomes responsive to gravity. When gravity response exists, Power Directors mobilize the energy to produce suns and material spheres. When energy-matter reaches a certain stage of materialization, the Creator Son arrives with the Creative Spirit, and construction of the headquarters sphere begins.

It took over one billion years to construct Salvington, the local universe headquarters. Salvington is located at the exact center of the local universe of Nebadon, which is a young cluster of stars, with 3,840,101 inhabited planets at last count. Our system of Satania has more than six hundred inhabited worlds in over five hundred physical subsystems. Forty-six subsystems in Satania have two inhabited worlds, four systems have three, and one has four inhabited planets. Satania is on the edge of Nebadon, which itself is well out toward the edge of Orvonton.

Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star, was the first offspring of the Creative Spirit and Creator Son and is the chief executive of Nebadon. Immediately after Gabriel's creation, the Creator Son and Spirit began the production of a vast and wonderful array of diverse creatures-the sons and daughters of the local universe.

Will creatures of evolutionary nature ascend the scale of life by progressively translating from life to life and sphere to sphere. The acquired perfection of the creatures of time is a true personality possession, the result of individual effort and experience. God could have created all of his children in perfection, but doing so would have deprived mortals of the valuable inward climb to perfection. Perfect beings and perfected beings are co‑ordinate and dependent. Each type requires the other to achieve completion of function, service and destiny.

Human beings are part of an immense plan. The struggle of material existence is a transient bridge to eternal spiritual reality. Humans are virtually unable to comprehend eternity-that which is never‑beginning and never‑ending-because everything familiar to mortals has an end. Death seems to represent an ending, but it constitutes the only method other than fusion by which mortals can escape the fetters of time and the bonds of the material world.

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