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A Synopsis of Paper 31: The Corps of the Finality

The Corps of Mortal Finaliters is one of seven finaliter corps whose destiny is assumed to be service in the outer space realms. During the present universe age, finaliters serve in the superuniverses, never returning to their native superuniverse until they have served in all the others. Mortal finaliters are always in service on Urantia. Finaliters are self‑governing, bearing allegiance only to the Paradise Trinity. They  are forever secure against sin. Finaliter corps are composed from six groups of beings:

 Havona Natives serve as teachers in the training schools of the central universe, and may become greatly attached to the ascending mortals in their care. Only one perfect Havona native is mustered into each thousand-member finaliter corps.

Gravity Messengers are personalized Adjusters who hail from Divinington and are able to transcend time and space. They are superspirit beings; divine, intelligent and touchingly understanding. Gravity Messengers and glorified mortals have a profound affection for one another; one being a personalization of a fragment of the Father and the other an immortal soul fused with a Father fragment.

Glorified Mortals make up the bulk of each finaliter company. It is conjectured that the lengthy universe training ascendant mortals receive is designed to qualify them for greater tests of future service. Glorified mortals have not yet achieved final spirit status, final creature service, or experiential Deity attainment. They have ascended through every step of possible intelligent existence, and have been trained in every possible detail of administration of the superuniverses.

Adopted Seraphim are seraphic guardians who have gone through the ascendant career. Many join the corps after becoming Father‑fused.

Glorified Material Sons and Daughters may elect to humanize and receive adjusters after their planet settles in light and life. If they join a finaliter company, they are invariably chosen as its leaders.

Glorified Midway Creatures released from permanent citizenship at the onset of the age of light and life on their home planet are destined for the finality corps. Secondary midwayers are eventually Adjuster-fused and may be accepted into the mortal corps.

The Architects of the Master Universe oversee all seven corps of finality: Mortal Finaliters, Paradise Finaliters, Trinitized Finaliters, Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters, Havona Finaliters, Transcendental Finaliters, and the Unrevealed Sons of Destiny. These seven finaliter corps are destined to serve the future needs of the undeveloped vast new system of universes now organizing in the domains of outer space.

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