The Urantia Book
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A Synopsis of Paper 29: The Universe Power Directors

The Universe Power Directors are one of the three groups of living beings concerned with force control and energy regulation. Power Directors embrace four major divisions.

Seven Supreme Power Directors are stationed on peripheral Paradise. Their creation by the Seven Master Spirits is the first recorded instance of semimaterial beings being derived from spirit ancestry. They are, along with the Seven Master Spirits, ancestors of the vast host of the Power Centers and Physical Controllers throughout the superuniverses.

Supreme Power Centers possess exquisite intelligence; they are the intellect of the power systems of the grand universe. Power Centers are inherently perfect and are always on duty. They do not originate power, but they modify, manipulate, and directionize it. Power Centers are living and personal, and are closely associated with the cosmic overcontrol of the Supreme Being. Seven groups of Power Centers regulate the master energy circuits of the grand universe from nether Paradise through Havona and down into the inhabited worlds.

Master Physical Controllers serve throughout the grand universe and are able to traverse local space at speeds approaching that of Solitary Messengers. They are chiefly concerned with the adjustment of basic energies undiscovered on Urantia, and their numbers include seven distinct groups: Associate Power Directors, Mechanical Controllers, Energy Transformers, Energy Transmitters, Primary Associators, Secondary Dissociators, and Frandalanks.

Master Force Organizers are residents of Paradise but generally commute to unorganized space for their work. They are under the supervision of the Architects of the Master Universe. Primary Master Force Organizers create nebulae.

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