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A Synopsis of Paper 26: Ministering Spirits of the Central Universe

Tertiary Supernaphim are specialists who serve ascending pilgrims of time and descending pilgrims of eternity in Havona. They originate in the Seven Spirits of the Circuits, and serve in seven classifications:

Harmony Supervisors contribute to mutual understanding between the ascenders and descenders on Havona. Chief Recorders record every important matter in triplicate: one copy for Havona, one for Paradise, and one for their own files. Broadcasters receive and send broadcasts of Havona and space reports of Deity phenomena on Paradise. Messengers bear messages requiring personal transmission throughout the Paradise‑Havona system. Intelligence Coordinators are the "living newsA Synopsis of Papers" of Havona;  they can assimilate as much information in one hour as the fastest telegraph can record in a thousand years. Transport Personalities transport various beings within Havona and also between Havona and the universes of time. The Reserve Corps may perform any of the services of their order.

Secondary Supernaphim are created by the Seven Master Spirits. They work in the central universe tutoring Paradise citizens and ascending mortals. When ascenders arrive on Havona they will possess a single aspect of perfection-perfection of purpose. On Havona, mortals begin to develop the comprehension necessary for Paradise perfection of personality. Seven groups of Secondary Supernaphim help mortals in this work.

Pilgrim Helpers provide detailed instruction to ascenders in three areas: supreme understanding of the Paradise Trinity, spiritual comprehension of the Father‑Son partnership, and intellectual recognition of the Infinite Spirit. Their work is done when their students spiritually recognize the Master Spirit of their superuniverse.

Supremacy Guides work on the sixth circle of the Havona worlds to help ascenders comprehend the Supreme Being. In the sixth circle, ascending creatures undergo transforming growth, integration of consciousness, and spiritualization of purpose. These changes seem to be attributed to unrevealed activity of the Supreme Being.

Trinity Guides of the fifth circle give mortals advanced instruction concerning the Trinity in preparation for the quest to achieve personal recognition of the Infinite Spirit. Intense mental effort and arduous spiritual exertion are required to discern the Infinite Spirit on Paradise.

Son Finders of the fourth Havona circuit assist ascenders in their attempt to achieve contact with the Eternal Son. In addition to continued work in the realization of Trinity, Son Finders must prepare their charges to recognize the personality of the Son and to differentiate the personalities of the Son and the Spirit. Pilgrims who attain the Spirit seldom fail in finding the Son.

Father Guides of the third circle are the most experienced of the superaphic ministers. All beings who inhabit the central universe serve as teachers in the schools and colleges maintained by the Father Guides.

Counselors and Advisers of the second circle minister to all who attempt the attainment of the Universal Father. They comfort those who fail to attain the Father, and instruct those who succeed concerning the responsibilities of the Paradise career. On Paradise, disappointment is never regarded as defeat; postponement is never looked upon as disgrace; the apparent failures of time are never confused with the significant delays of eternity.

Complements of Rest train ascenders for Paradise residence; they use the diverse residents of the final Havona circuit to further this education. Near the end of the sojourn through this inmost circle of Havona, the Instigators of Rest help prepare ascenders for the final metamorphosis as they transform into children of Paradise.

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