The Urantia Book
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A Synopsis of Paper 2: The Nature of God

Our understanding of God is handicapped because our minds are limited. Humans can best understand the nature of God as it has been revealed through the life and teachings of Jesus.

God the Father unfailingly meets the ever-changing demand for himself all over the universe. He knows everything. Universe Sovereigns may engage in adventure; the Constellation Fathers may experiment; the system heads may practice; but the Universal Father sees the end from the beginning. To God, all time is present, there is no past or future. He is infinite in all of his attributes.

God is perfect. In the universes, perfection is relative, but on Paradise, perfection is undiluted. He is perfect in beauty and goodness; there is nothing lacking in his divine character. His justice is tempered with mercy. God is inherently kind, compassionate and merciful. It is never necessary to persuade him to love us; our need is wholly sufficient to insure the flow of his grace.

Everything good comes from God. Love is the dominant characteristic of his personality. The highest reason to love God is that he guides us, step by step, life by life, until we stand in his very presence. God literally sends his spirit to live and toil with us as we pursue the eternal universe career.

God is good; he is our eternal refuge. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up the wounds of the soul. It has been said that God loves sinners but hates sin. It is true that God loves sinners, but he has no attitude toward sin because sin is not a spiritual reality. Iniquity is inherently suicidal. The inevitable consequence of deliberate rebellion against God is loss of existence.

Divine truth is universal, but our understanding of truth is finite and therefore only relative. Evolving persons can be certain only as far as their own personal experience extends. That which is true in one part of the universe may be only partially true elsewhere. The search for truth requires a search for the creative design that pre-exists all universe phenomena.

Truth is both beautiful and good. Beauty is true and good. Goodness is true and beautiful. Health, sanity, and happiness are integrations of truth, beauty, and goodness in the human experience.

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