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A Synopsis of Paper 19: The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin Beings

Seven groups of beings are classified as Coordinate Trinity-Origin Beings.  These beings are brought into existence by the Paradise Trinity. Although endowed with freewill, no Coordinate Trinity-Origin Being has ever defaulted in his duties.

Trinity Teacher Sons serve throughout the central and superuniverses, even on individual planets. Sometimes known as Daynals, Teacher Sons have the distinction of also being classified as Paradise Sons of God. Trinity Teacher Sons are educators devoted to the spiritual enlightenment of mortals and seraphim.

Perfectors of Wisdom personify the wisdom of divinity in the superuniverses. They do not reflect the wisdom of the Trinity; they are that wisdom. One billion Perfectors of Wisdom are assigned to each of the superuniverses where they engage in the revelation of truth to ascending creatures.

Divine Counselors are the counsel of Deity to the superuniverse realms. Three billion serve in each superuniverse. When teamed with one Perfector of Wisdom and one Universal Censor, seven Divine Counselors constitute the highest mobile tribunal in time and space. The united counsel of seven Divine Counselors in liaison with a trio of perfected evolutionary beings approaches nearly-Paradisiacal attainment of the complete attitude of Deity toward any situation in the superuniverses.

The eight billion Universal Censors in existence are the judgment of Deity. One Censor serves on each of the billion planets of the central universe, and one billion are assigned to each of the seven superuniverses. When thousands of witnesses have testified, when the voice of wisdom has spoken, and when the counsel of divinity has been recorded, then the Universal Censor reveals an unerring total of all that has transpired. It appears that Censors form new meanings and values from the association of the facts and truths presented to them. Once a Censor has spoken, there is no appeal.

Inspired Trinity Spirits are one of the few wholly secret orders in existence.  They belong to the category of super-personal spirits. Trinity Spirits appear to act independently of time and space, and may be related in some manner to the Thought Adjusters. It is conjectured that their work is to enlighten universe creatures by superconscious techniques; perhaps they are engaged in the communication of the vast body of essential spiritual knowledge that cannot consciously be received.

Havona natives are superb beings directly created by the Paradise Trinity. Havoners are destined to develop deep eternal friendships with ascending mortals. Mortals need to compensate for inherent spiritual impoverishment while Havona natives seek to overcome the experiential handicap of divine perfection.

Paradise citizens are not directly concerned with the ascension plan for will creatures; therefore their functions are not revealed to mortals. More than three thousand orders of this classification of intelligent personalities reside on Paradise.

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