The Urantia Book
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A Synopsis of Paper 18: The Supreme Trinity Personalities

Seven categories Supreme Trinity Personalities are created by the Paradise Trinity to represent the justice of the Trinity in the superuniverses.

Ten Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy preside over each of the seven innermost Paradise worlds of the Universal Father.

Each of the billion worlds of Havona is permanently ruled by one Eternal of Days. Eternals of Days also preside over planetary conclaves.

The rulers of the superuniverses are the Ancients of Days. They possess individuality, but do not differ from each other as the Master Spirits do. Three Ancients of Days oversee the administration of each of the superuniverses.

Three Perfections of Days are assigned to each of the major sector headquarters. Their work is mostly concerned with intellectual matters. Perfections of Days earn their name because they are perfect in the mastery of administrative detail.

Each minor sector is ruled by three Recents of Days, who attend to the physical problems of the universes.

Unions of Days serve as observers for the Paradise Trinity in the local universes. They coordinate all administrative activities of the universe government, from the local universes through the superuniverse levels. They report intellectual matters to the Perfections of Days and spiritual matters to the Ancients of Days.

The Faithfuls of Days are Paradise advisers to the constellations. Faithfuls of Days act only as counselors, never participating in administrative roles except by invitation of the constellation authorities. They report to the Unions of Days of the local universes.

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