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A Synopsis of Paper 17: The Seven Supreme Spirit Groups

The work of the Master Spirits in the grand universe is carried out by the subordinate personalities of the Supreme Spirit groups. The classes of beings known as the seven Supreme Spirit groups are: The Master Spirits, the Seven Supreme Executives, the Reflective Spirits, the Reflective Image Aids, the Seven Spirits of the Circuits, the Local Universe Creative Spirits, and the Adjutant Mind-Spirits. Together, the seven groups of Supreme Spirits constitute the nucleus of the functional family of the Third Source and Center. They unify the descending administrative levels in the central, super, and local universes.

All executive matters-rulings, regulations, and administration-are carried out by the Seven Supreme Executives. The Supreme Executives in essence are the board of directors of the post-Havona
creation. They direct all things physical, intellectual, and spiritual; they see all, hear all, and know all that transpires in Havona and the seven superuniverses.

Seven groups of Reflective Spirits are led by Majeston, the personal center of reflectivity in the seven superuniverses. Each one of the Reflective Spirits reveal the nature of one of the seven combinations of divinity. One set of seven Reflective Spirits serves on each superuniverse headquarters, gathering news, disseminating decrees, and recording everything of true spiritual value. Reflective Spirits are the offspring of the Paradise Trinity and the Master Spirits. A mystery attends their existence: neither the Master Spirits nor the Paradise Deities demonstrate powers of reflectivity, yet together they have created reflective beings.

Each Reflective Spirit creates one Reflective Image Aid, a virtual reproduction of the parent Reflective Spirit without his power of reflectivity. Image Aids function as channels of communication between the Reflective Spirits and the superuniverse authorities.

Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits enable the Master Spirits to provide unified spiritual supervision in the central universe. Each one of the Spirits of the Circuits permeates a single Havona circuit. Circuit Spirits are related to the native inhabitants of Havona much as Thought Adjusters are related to mortals.

Local Universe Creative Spirits experience several stages of existence. When a Creator Son is first personalized, the simultaneous birth of his complementary Creative Mother Spirit occurs within the Infinite Spirit. While the Michael Son is training, his future consort further develops as an entity. Next, the Creative Spirit differentiates from the Infinite Spirit and becomes a part of the appropriate Master Spirit, with whom she remains until the Creator Son takes her into space to begin the adventure of universe creation.

Local Universe Mother Spirits create Adjutant Mind-Spirits in the local universes.

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