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A Synopsis of Paper 127: The Adolescent Years

Jesus attained full physical growth when he was sixteen. He had a healthy body, a keen mind, a kind disposition, and a strong personality. His siblings were becoming confused about his mission. Mary intimated that Jesus was to be the deliverer of the Jewish people, but Jesus denied it.

James took over the schooling of their three sisters, which freed Jesus to devote himself to earning a living for them at his workbench. Jesus gradually spoke less about his thoughts concerning his life's mission. Although there was much Mary could not understand about her son, she appreciated his diligence in providing for their family.

When Jesus was seventeen, there was growing political discontent in Judea. The Zealots wanted to revolt against Roman rule. Mary pressured Jesus to enlist in the Zealots, but he refused. A moneylender named Isaac offered to support of the family if Jesus would enlist, but still he refused. After consulting with his chazan, Jesus announced that his family needed not just those things that money could buy, but also a father's care. Jesus began working in the old family repair shop, where he was cheered by daily contact with people from all over the country.

Over time, Jesus persuaded Mary to accept his method of child rearing-encouraging the positive instead of forbidding the negative. This theme carried on into Jesus' public teachings. He always emphasized what should be done rather than what should be avoided.

Rebecca, daughter of Erza, fell in love with Jesus and asked him to marry her. Jesus thanked her for her offer, but refused, saying that he was not free to consider marriage until his family was raised, and even then, he would have to wait until his destiny became clear. Rebecca was heartbroken, but remained in such a state of admiration for Jesus that she followed him throughout his public work.

By the end of his teenage years, Jesus had learned to take responsibility well, to carry on in the face of disappointment, to bear up bravely when his plans were thwarted, to be fair when faced with injustice, to adjust spiritual living to the demands of existence, and to depend solely on the guidance of his Father in Heaven.

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