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A Synopsis of Paper 12: The Universe of Universes

God is spirit, but Paradise is not. The material universe is the arena wherein spiritual activities take place; spirit beings and spirit ascenders live and work on physical spheres of material reality. The universe of universes may seem boundless to finite minds, but it has definite dimensions. The total aggregate of material creation functions with predictable behavior as an organized whole.

The universe of universes is a series of elliptical space levels separated by quiet zones, all of which continuously move through the great circuits of space. The first of six ellipses encircling Paradise is Havona, the central universe. Havona has existed eternally and consists of one billion perfect spheres.  Together with Paradise, this system forms the nucleus of the master universe.

The grand universe consists of the Paradise-Havona system combined with the seven superuniverses. The superuniverses are geographic clusters, each containing approximately one-seventh of the organized creation outside of Havona. The superuniverses are not yet fully inhabited. Our local universe of Nebadon is one of the newer creations within Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse.

One-half million light years beyond the seven superuniverses, an unbelievably vast creation of force and energy is assembling in the first outer space level. Fifty million light years beyond the first outer space level, past a quiet zone, even greater activity heralds the advent of the second, third, and fourth outer space levels. The almost countless collection of universes evolving beyond the borders of the grand universe constitutes the domains of the Unqualified Absolute.

All forms of energy-material, mindal, and spiritual-are subject to gravity. Ninety-five per cent of the physical gravity of the Isle of Paradise is now engaged in controlling systems beyond the borders of the grand universe. However, virtually all of the spirit gravity pull of the Eternal Son is presently functioning within the grand universe. The universes evolving in outer space are, as yet, non-spiritual. Eighty-five per cent of the mind-gravity of the Conjoint Actor takes origin in the existing grand universe, which suggests that mind activities are involved with the physical activities progressing in outer space.

Space from the human viewpoint seems to be nothing, but space is real. Space contains and conditions motion, and space itself moves. The alternating direction of movement from one space level to the next contributes to the equalization of space tensions in the universes. The universes are not static. The stability of the universes is the product of balanced energies, cooperative minds, spirit overcontrol, and personality unification. Stability is wholly proportional to divinity.

Time is a result of motion. The absolute limit of time is eternity, but the absolute limit of space is unknown.

The will of God rules the universe of universes, even though it does not always prevail in the heart of each person. God loves each individual as a child without duplicate in infinity, as a creature irreplaceable in all eternity. The universality of God's love creates the universal brotherhood, which includes every personality in existence.

All original energy proceeds from Paradise. Its journey through the universe is obedient to the ever-present pull of the eternal Isle. Physical energy steadfastly obeys universal law; only in the realms of creature will has there been deviation from the divine plans.

Mind alone can mediate the material and spiritual levels. As the mind of any personality becomes more spiritual, it simultaneously becomes less responsive to material gravity. Liaisons between the spiritual and material realms are phenomena of mind caused by acts of the Infinite Spirit. Mind is the technique whereby creature personalities experience spirit realities.

Mind, matter, and spirit are equally real, but they are not of equal value to personality in the attainment of divinity. Matter is organized energy subject to physical gravity. Mind is organized
consciousness modified by spirit, and is not wholly subject to material gravity. Spirit, the highest personal reality, is immune to physical gravity. Spirit eventually becomes the motivating influence over every evolving energy system bestowed with personality.

The sum of two or more things is often something more than the predictable consequence of their union. The human mind is a personal-energy system surrounding a divine center, functioning in a material environment. Mortal man has a spirit nucleus. It is this living relationship of personal mind and divine spirit that creates the potential for eternal personality.

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