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A Synopsis of Paper 117: God the Supreme

The potential of the Supreme increases in actuality as each creature learns to do the will of God. The individuals of the grand universe evolve as a reflection of the total evolution of the Supreme, while the Supreme is the cumulative total of all grand universe evolution. The Supreme is the oversoul of the grand universe, the personification of Creator-creature experience. The Supreme is God-in-time. Through him, human spiritual growth is possible, and through his creatures, the Supreme's growth is possible. The incompleteness of the Supreme makes the evolution of the present universes possible.

In some way, human evolution resembles the growth of the Supreme. Mortals consciously grow from the material toward the spiritual by the power of their own decisions, while the Supreme grows through the acts of the Creator personalities. Humans have liaison with an indwelling fragment of the Universal Father; God the Supreme has liaison with the Paradise Trinity. As mortals strive for self-expression, the Supreme strives for deity expression.

The personality of any individual mortal is insignificant compared to the total of Supremacy, but the personality of each individual represents an irreplaceable value. Personality, once expressed, never again finds identical expression unless in the continuing existence of that person. The relationship of humans to the Supreme is the foundation for cosmic morality-universal sensitivity to duty. Morality is directly predicated on the creature's appreciation of his obligation to experiential Deity. When mortals consecrate their will to doing the Father's will, when they give God all that they have, then does God make them more than they are.

The evolving Supreme will eventually compensate finite creatures for their inability to achieve more experience with the universes. We are incapable of understanding the infinite Father, but all of our experiences are part of the Supreme. When the Supreme becomes fully completed, our contact with him will inherently connect us with total experience.

All true love flows from God, and we receive divine affection as we bestow love on each other. Love is dynamic, it is alive. The Father's love becomes real to us only when we allow it to pass through us as we love each other; and this fraternal affection is the essence of the love of the Supreme. God the Father can be found by any individual who has attained the divine level of Godliness, but God the Supreme will never be personally discovered by any one creature until all creatures simultaneously find him at the completion of light and life.

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