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A Synopsis of Paper 114: Seraphic Planetary Government

The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men chiefly through the ministry of seraphim, who carry out much of the detail of superhuman planetary government. Urantia's planetary government is unique in Nebadon due to several unusual circumstances, including earth's life modification status, the Lucifer rebellion, and the Adamic default. Urantia is also unique in being a bestowal planet and the location of an archangel circuit.

Urantia's Planetary Prince is Michael of Nebadon, who has made no action to personally administrate our world other than to establish a commission of twenty-four counselors to supervise the affairs of the planet. Machiventa Melchizedek has recently been given vicegerent authority to act as Planetary Prince. He hascontinued the established routine of having one of the twenty-four counselors serve as resident governor general.  Urantia will continue to have twenty-four counselors in charge of  affairs until Machiventa returns, but the timing of his return is a matter of some speculation. The resident governor general, as the representative of the twenty-four counselors, passes down scores of rulings each day. Twelve corps of special seraphim perform diverse tasks under the immediate direction of the governor general.

The epochal angels oversee the affairs of each generation. Progress angels initiate the evolutionary progress of successive social ages. Religious guardians endeavor to maintain ideals and values from one generation to another. The angels of nation life direct the political performance of national affairs on Urantia. The angels of the races work for the conservation of the evolutionary races. The angels of the future forecast the events of a future age and plan for the realization of more advanced dispensations.

Angels of enlightenment foster mental and moral training. The angels of health assist mortal agencies dedicated to the promotion of health and prevention of disease. Home seraphim advance the home, the basic institution of human civilization. The angels of industry foster industrial development and improved economic conditions. Angels of diversion promote uplifting play, humor, and rest. Angels of superhuman ministry minister to all other superhuman life on the planet-these are the angels of the angels.

None of these groups of seraphim directly control their assigned domains, but they can manipulate planetary conditions to favorably influence the human activity with which they are concerned. Aside from these specific tasks, seraphim mobilize, train, and maintain the reserve corps of destiny. The reserve corps are living men and women in the service of the superhuman administration of world affairs. Reservist service is possible only when the mortal displays a special capacity for being secretly rehearsed for emergency missions, wholehearted dedication to some special cause, willingness to serve without human recognition, and the possession of an extraordinarily versatile Thought Adjuster. On Urantia, there is one corps of destiny for each of the seraphic groups. Although these people are seldom noted in the pages of human history, it is to a certain extent through this group that the Most Highs are able to rule in the kingdoms of men.

No one seems to know when the unsettled status of Urantia's planetary administration will terminate. There has been no precedent for Urantia's situation in the history of the local universe. Even so, mortals on earth are watched as faithfully and cherished as lovingly as if the sphere had never been betrayed.

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