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A Synopsis of Paper 113: Seraphic Guardians of Destiny

Guardian angels are seraphim who serve mortals in the quest for spiritual advancement. One thousand humans of seventh circle attainment share one pair of seraphim and a company of cherubim. Five hundred sixth circlers share a pair of seraphim and a company of cherubim. By the fourth circle, mortals are supervised in groups of ten. Once the third circle is attained, a personal seraphic pair is exclusively devoted to a single person; such seraphim are known as guardians of destiny.

Only experienced volunteers are assigned as seraphic guardians of destiny. Like cherubim, seraphim occasionally work singly but usually work in pairs. They develop a deep affection for humans. Seraphim share most human emotions and experience additional ones. The emotions that they find hardest to understand are fear, dread, and anxiety.

One of the most important things angelic guardians do for us is to coordinate the spirit influences which indwell and surround us. Because they are children of the Creative Spirit, they are able to correlate the influence of the Infinite Spirit with the Thought Adjuster and the Spirit of Truth. They interpret morontia reality to mind and manipulate the physical environment through liaison with the master physical controllers and midway creatures.

Our seraphic friends continually seek to promote circle-making decisions. Guardian angels are most active when the Adjuster is least active, but the ministry of the two is correlated. The urge to pray is often the result of seraphic influence.

Seraphim work through our social, ethical, and moral environments. Angels labor independently of human appeals; they perform their tasks as they are directed by their superiors, regardless of the  changing whims of their mortal charges. The seraphic mission is to guard rather than to influence. Human beings chart their own courses, and the seraphim act to make the best possible use of the chosen course.

In this life we are rarely aware of our seraphic guardians, but we will become conscious of them on the next world. Our angels will remain with us through the mansion worlds, through fusion with the Adjuster, on through Jerusem and Edentia, and beyond Salvington through the minor and major sectors of the superuniverse. Our association with our guardians will never be forgotten or completely severed. In the eternal ages, humans and angels will forever cooperate in divine service.

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