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A Synopsis of Paper 111: The Adjuster and the Soul

The soul is neither the human mind nor the divine spirit that dwells within the mind. Material mind is the arena in which we live, make decisions, choose or forsake God, and survive or destroy ourselves. Material evolution provides us with a body and the Father endows us with spirit reality, but it is by mind that we live or die. The mortal mind is merely a temporary system lent to us for use during our material lives. Our evolving souls will faithfully portray the decisions made with the minds we have been given.

The human soul has three antecedents: the human mind, the divine spirit, and the relationship between these two. The relationship between mind and spirit produces the soul, an entirely new and unique universe value. The human soul is an embryonic form of the future vehicle of personality. If this evolving soul becomes permeated by truth, beauty, and goodness-if it becomes God-conscious-it becomes indestructible. The soul exists as morontia reality midway between the material and spiritual worlds.

An Adjuster's work is spiritual, but is accomplished in the intellectual realm. The mind is the ship, the Adjuster is the pilot, and human will is the captain. With mortal consent, the faithful pilot will safely carry his captain across the barriers of time and the handicaps of space to the source of divine mind, even to the Paradise Father.

The mortal career is an education. It is not so much what we comprehend, as what we desire to comprehend that insures our survival. It is not what our minds are like, as what our minds are striving to be like that constitutes spirit identification. What we are today is not as important as what we are becoming.

Doing the will of God is the willingness to share the inner life with God. Peace in this life, survival in death, perfection in the next life, and service in eternity are all achieved when the human will chooses to become subject to the Father's will. Such choice is not a surrender of will, but is the consecration and perfecting of will-the Father's will becomes the mortal's will.

Many human problems come from our two-fold natures: we are part of nature, yet we are able to transcend nature; we are finite, but we are indwelt by a spark in infinity. Religious confidence-living faith-can sustain us amid conflicts born of this dual nature. The indwelling Adjuster cannot stop or even materially alter the career struggle of time; the Adjuster cannot lessen the hardships of life on this world. But humans would be comforted and inspired if they would allow the Adjuster to reveal the eternal purpose of the difficult struggle of the material world.

Uncertainty with security is the essence of the Paradise adventure. God lives in us and trusts himself to us, and we live in him and learn to trust ourselves to him. We may not be certain of the details of the coming events of our lives, but we are always secure in the infinite love and compassion of our Father.

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