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A Synopsis of Paper 110: Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals

The Adjuster is not an organic part of the human body. It would be more accurate to think of Adjusters as indwelling the human mind rather than indwelling the human brain. Adjusters are chiefly concerned with the spiritual preparation for upcoming stages of existence, but are also interested in the temporal welfare of their human host. 

Adjusters begin to work with a predetermined plan for development, but humans are not required to accept this plan. Adjusters are subservient to human will and will never force us to follow their guidance. They are dedicated to improving, modifying, and adjusting mortal thought processes. Adjusters do not try to control our thinking, but attempt rather to spiritualize it. The more we attune ourselves with our divine Adjusters, the more we approach the morontia order of existence. Morontia mind is the sum of our material and spiritual natures_dual mind dominated by one will.

The success of our Adjusters depends not on our beliefs, but on our decisions, determinations, and steadfast faith. Our eternal survival depends on our desire to be Godlike and on our willingness to do and to be anything that is essential to the final attainment of that desire. The ideal life is one of loving service, but many humans spend so much time on the trifles of living that they overlook the essential task of developing a working relationship with the indwelling divine gift. Adjuster harmony can be consciously augmented by choosing to respond to divine leading, loving God and desiring to be like him, loving man and sincerely desiring to serve him, and joyfully accepting cosmic citizenship.

The Adjuster's influence is not "conscience." Conscience admonishes us to do right, while the Adjuster endeavors to show us what is right.

There exists a large gulf between the human and the divine. Mortals are so electrically and chemically controlled that it is difficult for Adjusters to guide them. Few people are true thinkers-they do not develop themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually enough for the divine spark within to lead them easily. Confusion and discouragement do not necessarily signify resistance to the leading of the Adjuster.

Certain abrupt thoughts and mental pictures may be the work of the Adjuster, but more often they are simply the emergence of ideas which have been grouping themselves together in the subconscious mind. Many a new religion and strange "ism" has arisen from misunderstood communications from Thought Adjusters.

During sleep, Adjusters attempt to communicate within the higher levels of the human mind. Some grotesque dreams indicate failure to make efficient contact. Speculation about the Adjuster content of dreams is dangerous; it is better to risk rejecting an Adjuster's suggestion than to mistake something originating in the human mind as a communication from the indwelling fragment of God.

Adjuster attunement is related to the attainment of the seven psychic circles of mortal potential. The seventh circle marks the beginning of human personality function, and the first circle represents relative maturity. Moving through the circles demands the harmonious function of the entire personality-material, intellectual, and spiritual. Every decision we make either impedes or facilitates the Adjuster's function; likewise do these decisions determine our advancement in the circles.

The seven levels of human personality growth are variable in each person and seem to be determined by the growth capacity of each individual. It is to the mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean habits, stabilized neural energies, and balanced chemical function that a maximum of light and truth can be imparted with a minimum of temporal risk.

We literally become more real as we ascend from the seventh to the first psychic circle.

Faith gives us the experience of being a child of God, but action is essential to consciousness of kinship with the evolving Supreme Being. In the finite realm, potential becomes actual through our choices, but in the spiritual realm, potentials are transmuted into actuals through faith.

Immortality is attained through Adjuster fusion. Many people have attained their circles, but fusion depends on a final and complete attunement of the mortal will with the will of God. Subsequent to mortal fusion, the Adjuster shares our destiny and experience-mortal and Adjuster become a single entity. While for most humans the emerging soul is liberated from the body through death, it is possible for a person to fuse with the Adjuster without passing through material death.

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