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A Synopsis of Paper 109: Relation of Adjusters to Universe Creatures

Life experience has no cosmic substitute. In common with all living beings in the superuniverse, Thought Adjusters must acquire experience. Thought Adjusters acquire skill and ability through contact with the material races, and are classified according to their experience.

Virgin Adjusters are on their first assignment. They are usually sent to worlds during early epochs when people are so primitive that few will attain higher levels of spirituality. Others are on loan to individuals on worlds whose mortals are destined to attain eternal life through Spirit fusion. On these worlds, Adjusters can give more help to their human subjects than is normal on earth.

Advanced Adjusters have served on one or more worlds where the mortals are destined for Spirit-fusion.

Supreme Adjusters are those which previously indwelt mortals who failed to choose survival, and have subsequently been reassigned to another mortal. Adjusters are seldom given two indwelling experiences on the same planet-there are no Adjusters on Urantia now who have been here previously. It is believed that nearly all Adjusters living in mortals of survival capacity on Urantia are advanced or supreme Adjusters.

Self-acting Adjusters are the most versatile group. They are capable of carrying out extraordinary missions. Their subjects are often mustered into the reserve corps of destiny; fusion is regarded as a fact. Supreme and self-acting Adjusters are able to leave the human body at will, although they rarely do so.

An Adjuster's work is hindered by preconceived opinions, settled ideas, long-standing prejudices, and shifting mental attitudes. Sometimes they are able to arrest the mental flow and divert ideas to effect deep spiritual transformations in the superconscious mind. Intelligent communication between humans is facilitated by Adjusters, and Adjuster type has much to do with potential human personality expression.

Adjusters never fail. Nothing worthwhile is ever lost; every meaningful value in every will creature is certain of survival. Even if a mortal creature rejects survival, his Adjuster will carry his life experiences to some other world and some other survival candidate.

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