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A Synopsis of Paper 107: Origin and Nature of Thought Adjusters

Although the Universal Father resides on Paradise, he is also present in the minds of his countless children in the worlds of space. The fragment of God that indwells mortals, the Thought Adjuster, creates an incessant longing to be like God and to attain Paradise. The Adjuster is an infallible cosmic compass which unerringly guides human beings to Paradise.

A Thought Adjuster has one of three destinies: attainment of personality by fusion with a mortal, attainment of personality by fiat of the Universal Father, or liberation from known assignments. Fusion between a person and the Adjuster provides personality to the Adjuster and eternal life to the human being.

Thought Adjusters are of the essence of original Deity. They are fragments of the presence of God and proceed directly from the Universal Father. Adjusters are of God and are like God; they reveal his supernal love and spiritual ministry. Thought Adjusters have minds; they can plan, work, and love. Their valor and wisdom suggest that they have undergone a training of tremendous scope and range. Adjusters truly love us; they long for our divinity attainment and for the time when they will be delivered from the limitations of our material bodies.

Thought Adjusters are pure spirits, presumably absolute spirits. Adjusters do not require energy intake because they are divine energy. They can use the material-gravity circuits but are not subject to gravity as we are; they are fragments of the ancestor of gravity. Thought Adjusters are not personalities-they are the divine presence.

Adjusters volunteer to indwell humans. They can adapt and modify according to circumstances, and they act in accordance with human choice. Adjusters have genuine volition, but, being prepersonal, are subservient to the mortal will of their indwelling. Throughout the cosmos, that which is prepersonal, nonpersonal, or subpersonal is ever responsive to the will of personality.

Through Thought Adjusters, the Father has direct communication with every material creature throughout his infinite realms. The full possibilities inherent in this partnership between man and God are yet to be disclosed.

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