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A Synopsis of Paper 104: Growth of the Trinity Concept

The first revelation of the Trinity on earth was made by the Planetary Prince's staff five hundred thousand years ago. Subsequent revelations were presented by Adam and Eve, Melchizedek, and Jesus. It has been difficult for cultures emerging into monotheism from polytheism to accept the concept of the Trinity. People of the Hebrew and Islamic faiths find it difficult to differentiate between worshipping multiple gods (polytheism) and the worship of one Deity in a triune manifestation.

The Paradise Trinity is an entity. The Trinity is not a personality, but is a true and absolute reality eventuating from the conjoining of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. Recognition of the Trinity concept leads to understanding the interrelationship of love and law and to the investigation of other triune associations of the First Source and Center in which the Infinite functions in various capacities of force, energy, power, causation, reaction, potentiality, actuality, gravity, tension, pattern, principle, and unity.

The completeness of infinity must be reconciled with the incompleteness of the evolving universe. Total reality-infinity-is presented as existing in the seven Absolutes:

The Universal Father

The Eternal Son

The Infinite Spirit

The Isle of Paradise

The Deity Absolute

The Universal Absolute

The Unqualified Absolute

The Paradise Trinity is not a triunity. It is an undivided and indivisible Deity, but the three Deities also function as the first triunity. The common factor between trinity and triunity is that they each result in functions other than what is the discernible from the sum of the attributes of component members.

The Universal Father exercises control of the functions of infinity as the primal member of many triunities. He reveals himself as love to the creatures of the evolving cosmos through the personal purposive triunity of the Father, Son, and Spirit. God patterns the universes and organized energy through the power pattern-triunity of the Father-Son, the Paradise Isle, and the Conjoint Actor. All spirit finds reality expression in the spirit-evolutional triunity of the Father, the Son-Spirit, and the Deity Absolute. Altogether there are fifteen triune associations of the First Source and Center in his various functions, and these associations make the sub-infinite manifestations of God's reality possible.

Other triune relationships-triodities- do not involve the Father, but they result as a consequence of the existence of the triunities. Triodities are directly concerned in the experiential Deities-the Supreme, Ultimate and Absolute.

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