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A Synopsis of Paper 8: The Infinite Spirit

The time-bound mind of man must have a starting point for visualizing universe history. While a portrayal of sequential origin of Deity is helpful to the mortal mind as an explanation of the relationship of Deities, such a condescension does not preclude the fact that all three have existed eternally without beginning or end.

The members of the Trinity are distinct individuals in eternal association. If we imagine that God the Father is Thought and God the Son is Word, then God the Spirit is Action. In the instant that the Father and Son together conceived of infinite action, the Infinite Spirit sprang fully formed into being.

The existence of the Infinite Spirit set the stage of space for the drama of creation. In the instant of his creation, one billion perfect spheres materialized. The central universe of Havona was then embraced by physical and spiritual gravities, and the soil of life prepared for consciousness of mind manifest in the intelligence circuits of the God of Action. Upon these seeds of potential, creature personality appeared, and the presences of the Paradise Deities filled organized space and began to draw all things Paradiseward.

It is proper to name the Third Person of Deity the Infinite Spirit, but material creatures may also conceive of him as the Conjoint Creator, the Infinite Reality, the Universal Organizer, and the Personality Coordinator. He discloses the Father's infinity and the Son's mercy; he executes the purposes of the Father-Son. Ever and always, the Infinite Spirit is a mercy minister. As the Sons reveal the love of God, the Spirit reveals his mercy.

The Father delegates everything possible to the Son; likewise, the Son bestows all possible authority to the Spirit. Every post-Havona universe in existence was planned and created by partnership of the Son and the Spirit. The Spirit pledges all of his resources to the Father and the Son; he has dedicated all that he has to the plan of drawing will creatures to Paradise. The Infinite Spirit is devoted to fostering the ascension of material creatures, especially through the persons of the Creative Daughters, the local universe Mother Spirits.

The essence of the Spirit's divine character is everlasting ministry to mind. God is love, the Son is mercy, and the Spirit is the ministry of divine love and endless mercy to all creation. The Spirit is love applied to the individual minds of all the children of every universe. The Infinite Spirit is omnipresent. He is a universe presence, an eternal action, a cosmic power, a holy influence, a universal mind, and a true and divine personality. He is the Spirit whom all ascenders must attain before they approach the Father through the Son. In the administration of the universe the Father, Son, and Spirit are forever one, perfectly associated in the service of creation.

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