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A Synopsis of Paper 67: The Planetary Rebellion

Caligastia had been in charge of Urantia for three hundred thousand years when Satan, Lucifer's assistant, arrived for an inspection. During this visit, Satan discussed Lucifer's proposed Declaration of Liberty with Caligastia. Caligastia decided to betray his planet by casting his lot with Lucifer.

Shortly after Satan's visit, Daligastia called a special session of the ten councils. Caligastia announced that he was appointing himself absolute sovereign of Urantia, and demanded that all administrative groups resign their powers to Daligastia.

Van, chairman of the council of coordination, objected to Caligastia's announcement, and petitioned the councilors to abstain from any action until an appeal could be taken to Lucifer. The appeal was made. In reply, Lucifer designated Caligastia as supreme sovereign. Van formally accused Daligastia, Caligastia, and Lucifer of being in contempt of universe sovereignty, and appealed to the Most Highs of Edentia. By the time the second appeal could be sent out, the system circuits had been severed, and Urantia was isolated from outside counsel.

The rebellion determined the fate of every superhuman personality on the planet. Debates continued until every personality concerned had made a final decision in the matter. Sixty members of the Prince's staff sided with Lucifer. The remaining forty relocated to an unwalled settlement a few miles east of Dalamatia guarded constantly by loyal midway creatures. Angels took control of the tree of life.

The sixty rebels chose Nod as their leader. They soon discovered that they had been degraded to mortal status. Daligastia, knowing that they would eventually die, ordered them to begin sexual reproduction. The disloyal staff migrated north and east;  their descendants were long known as Nodites. We do not know the fate of the original sixty, although their Adjusters still tarry on Jerusem.

Caligastia's scheme for the reconstruction of human society proved a swift and complete failure. Liberty was quickly translated into license by the semi-savage population. One hundred and sixty-two years after the rebellion, a tidal wave washed over Dalamatia and the headquarters sank beneath the sea.

Van's followers moved to the highlands west of India where they planned for the rehabilitation of the world. Under the temporary leadership of the senior Life Carriers, Van divided his staff into ten councils of four along the lines of the Prince's staff. Van's people provided leadership until the days of Adam and Eve. Van remained on Urantia until the times of Adam and Eve.

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