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A Synopsis of Paper 51: The Planetary Adams

When a human race on any planet reaches its natural evolutionary limit, the System Sovereign dispatches a pair of biologic uplifters to upstep the evolutionary races. Material Sons and Daughters who serve in this capacity are usually known on the assigned planet as Adam and Eve.

Material Sons are a gift from the Creator Son to the inhabited worlds. One unique pair is produced for each local system; those who serve as Planetary Adams and Eves are descendants of the system's original pair. Materials Sons vary in height from eight to ten feet tall, are visible to humans, and glow with a radiant light of violet hue.

Adams and Eves are equal to each other, differing only in reproductive characteristics and chemical endowments. Material Sons are sustained by material food and by direct intake of cosmic energies. Created Adam and Eves are immortal, but their offspring depend on unbroken connection with the mind-gravity circuit of the Spirit for continuing life.

Material Sons are semi-material. They must dematerialize to be transported by seraphim to the planet of their assignment, where they are rematerialized. One hundred thousand angels accompany each  pair. Normally, Material Sons and Daughters stay on the planet of their assignment until it attains the era of light and life.

Material Sons and Daughters dwell in a garden home. These homes are usually located in a secluded area in a near-tropical zone. Adam and Eve's offspring remain biologically segregated under the direction of the Planetary Prince until a strong violet race develops. Descendants of Adam and Eve are of two orders: physical children and secondary midway creatures. Secondary midwayers are often invisible and contribute much to the advancement of civilization.

On a normal world, the red race is ordinarily first to attain human development. The evolution of many races provides desirable variations in mortal types and contributes to the diverse expression of human potential. It is impossible to understand a normal planet's racial evolution from observing the remnants of the early races on Earth.

Slavery is typically abolished on a planet soon after the arrival of Adam and Eve. Evolutionary races are blended with the Adamic strain only after the inferior strains of each race are eliminated. Members of the violet race usually do not begin to mate with evolutionary humans until the violet race numbers one million individuals. The violet race is monogamous. Any man or woman who mates with an Adamic son or daughter must pledge to be faithful to a single spouse and to raise their children to be monogamous. The children produced from marriages between human and Adamic races are educated in the schools of the Planetary Prince before returning to the race of their evolutionary parent. Following this procreative outpouring, culture and civilization make rapid strides.

On a normal world, the centers of world culture are the Garden of Eden and the headquarters of the Planetary Prince. These two centers work together to influence progress throughout the world. The schools of the Prince are concerned with philosophy, religion, morals, and high intellectual and artistic achievements. The schools of Adam and Eve are devoted to practical arts, social culture, economic development, trade relations, physical efficiency, civil government, and fundamental intellectual training.

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