The Urantia Book
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A Synopsis of Paper 39: The Seraphic Hosts

Although seraphim do not experience childhood as we know it, they are experiential creatures. They augment their divine endowments by acquiring skill in the various seraphic services. The higher the inherent function of an angel, the more she seeks assignment to the lower orders of service. Seraphim crave to serve at the lowest possible levels to achieve the highest range of experience. There are seven distinct groups of seraphim.

Supreme Seraphim may serve as Son-Spirit Ministers, Court Advisers, Universe Orientors, Teaching Counselors, Directors of Assignment, or Recorders. Superior Seraphim are Intelligence Corps, Voices of Mercy, Spirit Coordinators, Assistant Teachers, Transports, and Recorders. Supervisor Seraphim serve in the constellations as Supervising Assistants, Law Forecasters, Social Architects, Ethical Sensitizers, Transporters, and Recorders. Administrator Seraphim serve in the systems as Administrative Assistants, Justice Guides, Interpreters of Cosmic Citizenship, Quickeners of Morality, Transporters, and Recorders.

Planetary Helpers are assigned to serve the Planetary Adams. They include the Voices of the Garden, Spirits of Brotherhood, Souls of Peace, Spirits of Trust, Transporters, and Recorders. Transition Ministers serve on the mansion worlds. Seraphim of the Future are not directly concerned with the mortal ascension plan.

There are hundreds of paths by which seraphim may attain Paradise, but their preferred career choice is that of guardian angel to an evolutionary mortal. Only the most experienced seraphim are chosen to be guardians of  mortal destiny.

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