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A Synopsis of Paper 37: Personalities of the Local Universe

Long-term and permanent residents of the local universe include the Brilliant Evening Stars, Archangels, Most High Assistants, High Commissioners, and Celestial Overseers.

Brilliant Evening Stars are planned by the Melchizedeks and created by the Creator Son and the Mother Spirit. They chiefly serve as liaison officers for Gabriel, representing him at every constellation and system capital in Nebadon. Brilliant Evening Stars are a twofold order-some are specifically created to serve in this position and others attain service. They accompany Avonal Sons on their bestowal missions and may be assigned as liaisons for Trinity Teachers Sons in the mortal realms.

Archangels are created by the Creator Son and the Mother Spirit, and serve under the jurisdiction of Gabriel. Nearly eight hundred thousand archangels dedicate themselves to mortal survival and ascension in Nebadon. Archangels serve the Avonal orders and preserve mortal personality identification records between mortal death and resurrection.

Most High Assistants originate outside the local universe and volunteer in the local creations. They help local universe natives come to fuller harmony with the ideals of Paradise. They are supervised by the Union of Days. Most High Assistants are assigned to administrative, executive, and educational activities.

High Commissioners are Spirit-fused ascendant mortals. Souls of this order attain immortality by fusing with a fragment of the Universe Mother Spirit. High Commissioners begin their service as race commissioners, portraying the viewpoints and needs of various human races. They may serve at tribunals, with messenger hosts, with ministering spirits of time, at universe assemblies, or with bestowal missions. High Commissioners provide a continuity that enhances and stabilizes local universe administration.

The Nebadon education system is maintained by the Celestial Overseers. More than three million recruited Overseers currently oversee the education of ascending mortals, from the nativity worlds up through local universe headquarters. Their divine education provides for the intimate association of work and instruction.

Certain high-origin spirits of the family of the Infinite Spirit are on permanent assignment to the local universes. These include Solitary Messengers, Universe Circuit Supervisors, Census Directors, Associate Inspectors, Assigned Sentinels, Universal Conciliators, Technical Advisers, Celestial Recorders, and Morontia Companions.

Material Sons of God, created solely by the Creator Son to express his dual origin, serve as the original Adam and Eve of each local system in Nebadon. Their children are the permanent citizens of the system capitals.

Midway Creatures are difficult to classify. They arise from unusual circumstances involving transactions of superhuman beings on evolutionary planets. Midway Creatures are the permanent residents of the evolutionary worlds, providing continuous planetary administration despite ever-changing celestial ministries and shifting mortal inhabitants.

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