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A Synopsis of Paper 36: The Life Carriers

Life Carriers bring life into the inhabitable worlds. The Life Carriers are the offspring of three personalities: the Creator Son, the Universe Mother Spirit, and one Ancient of Days. One hundred million Life Carriers live in Nebadon in three divisions: senior Life Carriers, assistants, and custodians.

Life Carriers are devoted to the study of universe life. They are involved in new life design, life preservation, evolution of creature life, life associated with mind, the correlation of mind with spirit in living organisms, and in unrevealed domains of evolutionary creature life. The Life Carriers are living catalytic presences that agitate, organize, and vitalize otherwise inert material.

A commission of Life Carriers can either carry life plasm onto a new world or organize life patterns after they arrive. Once physical patterns are arranged, the Universe Mother Spirit supplies the vital spark of life; inert patterns become living matter. Life Carriers may spend five hundred thousand years to establish life on an evolutionary world. Once they have succeeded in producing a moral being, the Life Carriers' work ends. Life Carriers are forbidden to interfere with will creatures.

The central lodgments of the seven adjutant mind‑spirits are on the headquarters world of the Life Carriers. The adjutants send forth their influence into all inhabited worlds. The first five adjutant mind-spirits-intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, and counsel-function in the animal orders. The adjutants' experience in relationship to animals makes them more effective in their ministry to human beings. The final two mind‑spirits, worship and wisdom, function only in mortal candidates for spiritual ascension. The adjutant mind-spirits are not directly related to the function of the Holy Spirit, but they help prepare mortal minds for the appearance of this Spirit.

The survival of mortal creatures is wholly dependent on the evolution of an immortal soul within the mortal mind. The life bestowed on plants and animals possesses neither identity nor personality; it survives only as a part of the cosmic forces of the universe. Life is neither energy nor force; it is the animation of material, mindal, and spiritual systems of energy. Life flows from the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit.

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