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A Synopsis of Paper 35: The Local Universe Sons of God

Melchizedeks, Vorondadeks, and Lanonandeks are orders of local universe Sons of God created jointly by the Creator Son and Creative Spirit.

The firstborn of the Melchizedek order, the Father Melchizedek, collaborates with the Creator Son and Creative Spirit in the creation of the rest of the Melchizedek group. The Father Melchizedek is the first executive associate of Gabriel. Gabriel presides over regular tribunals and councils of Nebadon, while Father Melchizedek presides over special and emergency commissions.

Melchizedeks are a self-governing order. They are the first order of divine Sons that are close enough to humans to minister directly to them. Melchizedeks are understanding friends, sympathetic teachers, and wise counselors to all forms of intelligent life. They often win whole worlds to the recognition of the Creator Son and the Paradise Father. Melchizedeks are nearly perfect in wisdom but are not infallible in judgment.

Generally, Melchizedeks devote themselves to education and training, but can also function in unusual assignments. On Edentia, they are known as emergency Sons. Melchizedeks render assistance when local universe plans are threatened, and sometimes act as temporary custodians of wayward planets. In Nebadon, a Melchizedek has appeared seven times in the likeness of mortal man.

Vorondadek Sons are commissioned by Gabriel to rule in the constellations. They do not possess the versatility of the Melchizedeks, but are more efficient as rulers and administrators. Vorondadeks serve as ambassadors, legislators, historians, and consuls. They rarely fall into error and have never rebelled. Twelve Vorondadek Sons presently administer our constellation of Norlatiakek.

Lanonandek Sons serve as Universe Coordinators, Constellation Counselors, System Sovereigns, Planetary Princes, Messenger Corps, Custodians, Recorders, and Reserves. Lanonandeks are able and versatile local universe administrators. Because they are a lower order of sonship, they are of greater service to the lower creatures than either Melchizedeks or Vorondadeks, but they also stand in greater danger of going astray. In Nebadon, seven hundred Lanonandeks rebelled against the universe government, precipitating confusion and spiritual isolation in several systems.

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