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A Synopsis of Paper 33: The Administration of the Local Universe

The Creator of our local universe, Michael of Nebadon, is 611,121st in a line of Creator Sons created by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. Michael personifies the Paradise Father and the Eternal Son; his consort, the Mother Spirit, represents the Infinite Spirit. Michael's bestowal experience also qualifies him to portray the divinity of the Supreme Being. These multiple aspects of deity personification give Michael unique qualifications for sovereignty. For all practical purposes, Michael is God in the local universe.

The Mother Spirit and Michael are concerned with three occupations: creation, sustenance, and ministry. The Son and the Spirit function with the counsel and approval of the other. The Creator Son functions as a father, and the Creative Spirit ministers as a mother. This arrangement is the pattern for family organization and government throughout all of Nebadon.

Gabriel, chief executive of the local universe, is capable of broad and sympathetic contact with seraphic hosts and evolutionary will creatures. He and his staff are administrators, never departing from this work except during Michael's creature bestowals. Gabriel supervises Nebadon's judicial system.

Personalities from the central universe and Paradise are present in every local universe. At the head of Nebadon's Paradise group is Immanuel of Salvington, a Union of Days. He is the only personality in Nebadon who does not acknowledge subordination to Michael. Immanuel functions as an advisor to Michael and as supervisor to the Faithfuls of Days.

There are seventy court branches in Nebadon. Courts and assemblies of universe administration focus on spiritual transactions, and are thus very different from corresponding activities on Urantia. The universe courts cannot rule on matters involving questions of eternal life, defections of Local Universe Sons, or the spiritual status of any part of a local universe in spiritual isolation. In all other matters, the courts of Salvington are supreme; there is no appeal to their decisions.

Salvington possesses research and advisory councils but no true legislative bodies. Legislative assemblies are located in the headquarters of the one hundred constellations, and administration of the local creations is largely handled within the system headquarters.

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