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A Synopsis of Paper 30: Personalities of the Grand Universe

The enormous numbers of living beings are classified differently in the grand universe than on Paradise. Living beings on Paradise are classified according to inherent and attained relationship with the Paradise Deities: Triune Origin Beings, Dual‑Origin Beings, Single‑Origin Beings, Eventuated Transcendental Beings, Fragmented Entities of Deity, and Superpersonal Beings. Registries on the superuniverse headquarters of Uversa include seven grand divisions of personalities: Paradise Deities, Supreme Spirits, Trinity‑Origin Beings, Sons of God, Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, Universe Power Directors, and the Corps of Permanent Citizenship.

Evolutionary mortals pass through seven stages of universe development.

Planetary mortals are animal origin beings of ascendant potential. Sleeping survivors are those who have not attained the level of intelligence and spirituality required to go directly to the mansion worlds after death. Such surviving souls remain unconscious until a new dispensation on the planet of their origin releases them for resurrection on the mansion worlds. Mansion world students reawaken on the mansion worlds. Personality resurrection on the mansion worlds provides a new morontia form for the indwelling soul.

Morontia progressors strive for the advancement of intellect, spirit, and personality throughout their ascension through the local universe. Superuniverse wards are accredited evolving spirit beings who have embarked upon an individualized course of study on the worlds of the minor sectors,  major sectors, and superuniverse headquarters. Havona pilgrims have completed their spiritual development and have begun personalized instruction in the perfect worlds of the central universe. Paradise arrivals are ascenders who have earned residency on Paradise.

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