The Urantia Book
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A Synopsis of Paper 28: Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverses

There are three types of angelic hosts in the superuniverses; Omniaphim, Seconaphim, and Tertiaphim. Of these, only Seconaphim are directly involved in ministry to mortals. Seconaphim are produced in groups of seven by the seven Reflective Spirits, each group having one primary, three secondary and three tertiary Seconaphim. 

Primary Seconaphim are living mirrors that allow the Ancients of Days to instantly communicate with beings hundreds of light‑years away. They are categorized by the type of service they perform: Voices of the Conjoint Actor, Voices of the Seven Master Spirits, Voices of the Creator Sons, Voices of the Angelic Hosts, Broadcast Receivers, Transporters and reserves.

Seven classes of Secondary Seconaphim assist Perfectors of Wisdom, Divine Counselors, and Universal Censors. The Voices of Wisdom are in perpetual liaison with the living libraries of Paradise. Souls of Philosophy create connections with the Masters of Philosophy on Paradise, and the Unions of Souls reveal the knowledge of Interpreters of Ethics. Hearts of Counsel are reflective of the intelligence and counsel of all beings, high and low. The Joys of Existence improve appreciation for humor and demonstrate the inherent joy in freewill existence. Satisfactions of Service are reflective of the directors of conduct on Paradise; they have done much to illuminate the deferred rewards inherent in unselfish service. Discerner of Spirits inform Universal Censors about the true motives, natures, and purposes of any individual in their universe. Through these angels the Censors see the very soul of the reflected individual.

Tertiary seconaphim serve the Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority and Those Without Name and Number. Significances of Origins are living genealogical references. Memories of Mercy are living records of the mercy which has been extended to individuals and races by children of the Infinite Spirit. Imports of Time instruct ascenders in the best use of time for rest and work. Solemnities of Trust reveal the sacredness of trust to ascending creatures and reveal the trustworthiness of any creature to the Trinitized Sons of Attainment. Sanctities of Service bare the motives of human hearts and angelic minds to determine their trustworthiness in service. The Secrets of Greatness and Souls of Goodness are two types of angels who function in tandem because greatness and goodness cannot be separated.

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