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A Synopsis of Paper 25: The Messenger Hosts of Space

Midway between the highest and lowest personalities of the Infinite Spirit are the Messenger Hosts of Space.

Havona Servitals are the offspring of the Seven Master Spirits and the Supreme Power Directors. They are created in groups; 250 semi‑material Servitals for every 750 true spirit types. These versatile beings train ascenders on the study worlds surrounding the headquarters of the superuniverses.

Universal Conciliators are the embodiment of supreme justice. One Universal Conciliator appears in each of the superuniverses as a response to the creation of each Havona Servital. The Conciliators collectively manifest forty‑nine experiential viewpoints in the superuniverses, insights which together are mutually compensatory. They serve in quartets, consisting of one Judge‑Arbiter, one Spirit‑Advocate, one Divine Executioner, and a Recorder.

Conciliators keep the universes running smoothly. They begin as Conciliators of the Worlds, assisting the supervisors of individual planets. As they ascend inward from the local universe they evolve from arbiters of differences to explainers of mysteries. At the superuniverse levels Conciliators become wise teachers of the ascending pilgrims of time and space. At last count, eighteen trillion quartets of Conciliators served in Orvonton.

Technical Advisers serve in groups of seven as the legal and technical minds of the spirit world, the living law libraries of time and space. There currently are more than sixty-one trillion Technical Advisers in Orvonton. Technical Advisers help Universal Censors, Melchizedeks, Life Carriers, and the rulers of systems, constellations, universes, and universe sectors; they do not directly deal with material creatures. No Adviser has ever been known to go astray.

Custodians of Records on Paradise are chosen from the tertiary supernaphim in Havona to keep the formal written archives of Paradise.

Celestial Recorders serve by keeping the records of the superuniverses. Using their ability to manipulate both spiritual and material energy, they make original spirit recordings and simultaneously create semimaterial copies for the superuniverses. Through their work, ascending mortals learn the history and traditions of each sphere.

Morontia Companions are children of the local universe Mother Spirits. They are gracious hosts during an ascender's morontia career, ensuring that time in rest and play is well spent.

Paradise Companions are angels selected to befriend any being who comes alone to Paradise. They work mostly with ascendant beings who reach Paradise without either a close associate or seraphic guardian. They are sympathetic and intriguing companions. If, during the course of  the Havona adventure, a lone ascender fails in the Deity adventure and must be sent back to the universes of time, a Paradise Companion follows to comfort and cheer him.

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