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A Synopsis of Paper 23: The Solitary Messengers

The Solitary Messengers were created in a single act by the Infinite Spirit. At last report 7,690 trillion Solitary Messengers were in service in Orvonton, which is apparently less than one seventh of their total number.

Solitary Messengers begin at the center of all things and move outward. They crave remote assignments, even into the outer space levels. They are an important part of the Infinite Spirit's personal contact with the creatures of time and space. Solitary Messengers are capable of tuning into the universe broadcasts wherever they travel, and can detect the presence of Thought Adjusters and Inspired Trinity Spirits. They contribute much to the development of kinship between spiritual beings. Solitary Messengers are distinguished by services they perform.

Messengers of the Paradise Trinity are involved with the unrevealed policies and future conduct of the Deities. Since they are perfect, they never divulge secrets or betray confidences.

Messengers of the Havona Circuits enjoy close and personal communion with Havona natives.

Messengers of the Superuniverse can be dispatched with messages from the headquarters of one superuniverse to another. This is an advantage they enjoy over all other personalities, who must pass through Havona and the executive worlds of the Master Spirits before traveling to other superuniverses. A wide range of services are provided by Solitary Messengers in this capacity. They most delight to serve in Orvonton, because the opportunities for heroic effort are greatest in the youngest universe.

Messengers of the Local Universe reveal the motives and intent of the local universe Mother Spirit. Explorers of Undirected Assignment are thrilled to be assigned to the task of exploring and charting new worlds and universes in the unformed parts of the universes. Revelators of Truth are frequently attached to commissions sent to enlarge the revelation of truth to worlds and systems.

Solitary Messengers sometimes serve as Ambassadors and Emissaries of Special Assignment, representing one local universe to another until a native ambassador can be transported by seraphim to her assignment. Seraphim can carry a person at a speed of 550,000 miles per second, but Solitary Messengers are very nearly capable of defying time and space. The distance a seraphic transport travels in two hundred years can be completed by a Solitary Messenger in sixty-nine minutes. Faster beings exist, but they are not persons.

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