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A Synopsis of Paper 193: Final Appearances and Ascension

Jesus appeared in the courtyard of Nicodemus's home where the apostles, the women's corps, and about fifty other disciples were gathered. He commented on the diversity of believers this gathering represented and reminded them that the gospel was about the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men. Jesus warned them not to adjust their message because of the resurrection.

On May 13th Jesus appeared to Nalda and seventy-five Samaritans near Jacob's well at Sychar.

On May 16th Jesus appeared at Tyre in Phoenicia at the close of a meeting of believers; these believers carried the story to Sidon, Antioch, and Damascus.

On May 18th the Master made his final appearance on earth to the eleven apostles in the home of John Mark. Jesus led the apostles to the Mount of Olives where they looked out over Jerusalem. As the men knelt about Jesus in a circle he spoke his final instructions to them.

"I bade you tarry in Jerusalem until you were endowed with power from on high. I am now about to take leave of you; I am about to ascend to my Father, and soon, very soon, will we send into this world of my sojourn the Spirit of Truth; and when he has come, you shall begin the new proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom, first in Jerusalem and then to the uttermost parts of the world. Love men with the love wherewith I have loved you and serve your fellow mortals even as I have served you. By the spirit fruits of your lives impel souls to believe the truth that man is a son of God, and that all men are brethren. Remember all I have taught you and the life I have lived among you. My love overshadows you, my spirit will dwell with you, and my peace shall abide upon you. Farewell."

Jesus vanished from sight. He went to Edentia by way of Jerusem, where the Most Highs released him from morontia form and returned him to sovereignty on Salvington.

Peter called a meeting for disciples in Jerusalem that same morning. After Peter described their final meeting with the Master, the disciples began to pray in preparation for the reception of the promised Spirit of Truth.

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