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A Synopsis of Paper 13: The Sacred Spheres of Paradise

Three eternal seven-world circuits belonging to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit exist between the Isle of Paradise and the innermost Havona planets.

Each of the seven spheres of the Father manifests a special aspect of the Deities of the Paradise Trinity. Divinington holds the secret of the bestowal and mission of Thought Adjusters. Sonarington contains the secret of the incarnation of the divine sons. Spiritington is the sphere that holds the mysteries of reflectivity. Vicegerington includes the secrets of trinitization. Solitarington is the rendezvous point of numerous unrevealed orders of beings. Seraphington is the planet where the secrets of seraphic transport are held. Ascendington is the receiving sphere for pilgrims of time who pass through Havona on the way to Paradise. The secrets of Ascendington include one of the most perplexing mysteries in the universe-how the mind of a mortal creature can evolve an immortal soul. Throughout all of eternity, mortals will regard Ascendington as their home.

The seven spheres of the Eternal Son are worlds of pure-spirit existence. There is little concerning these worlds that can be revealed to material personalities.

The seven executive worlds of the Infinite Spirit are inhabited by various beings, including offspring of the Spirit, trinitized sons of created personalities, and other unrevealed beings. The Seven Master Spirits conduct work pertaining to the operations of the grand universe from these planets, the Paradise headquarters of the seven superuniverses. The Master Spirits control the flow of the spirit presence of Deity into the realms of the superuniverses.

Physical reactions are uniform and unvarying throughout the universe, but the availability of  the spiritual presence of the Deities is conditioned by the decisions, choices, and attitudes of will creatures. God is ever faithful in satisfying the sincere desire of created beings for his presence in their lives.

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