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A Synopsis of Paper 120: The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia

A Creator Son can, at any time, rule his local universe in his own right, but he can rule as a representative of the Paradise Trinity only after completing seven creature bestowals. The seventh and final bestowal of Michael, the Creator Son of Nebadon, took place on Urantia when he incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth. Prior to his bestowal, Michael's brother Immanuel advised him to:

1. Maintain unbroken communion with his Paradise Father.

2. Terminate the Lucifer rebellion.

3. Attend first to men's spiritual needs, then their intellect, and lastly their physical health.

4. Lead a life that would educate and inspire the entire universe of Nebadon.

5. Refrain from using the superhuman powers associated with being a creator son.

6. Give precedence to the accepted customs of family life of the day.

7. Confine his efforts to spiritual regeneration, avoiding economic and political commitments.

8. Avoid the formation of an organized cult.

9. Leave no writings behind.

10. Leave no human offspring.

Jesus was not God in association with man, but God incarnate in man. Jesus did not progressively become God; God did not at some moment become man. Jesus was God and man, always. The supreme spiritual purpose of Michael's bestowal on Urantia was to enhance the revelation of God. Through Jesus, the Father chose to manifest himself as he always does-in a  usual, normal, dependable way.

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