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Looking for truth The Zebedee compound and second tour of Galilee - May 4, 28 A.D. - January 16, 29 A.D.
  See the statement at the end of the page for information of the origin of the maps.
  Click the gold emblems for each location for the current Google map location on the first map below.
  The Zebedee compound and second tour of Galilee - May 4, 28 A.D. - January 16, 29 A.D. Zebedee Residence Ptolemais Japhia Dabaritta Megiddo Scythopolis Tarichea Hippos Gamala Bethsaida -Julius
  Click on the map below to go to a printable page map.
  The Zebedee compound and second tour of Galilee - May 4, 28 A.D. - January 16, 29 A.D.
Location Reference Google Map Link
Zebedee Residence May 3 - Oct. 3 ~ 148:0.1 32.90808018527833,35.6285106188142
Ptolemais 149:0.1 32.92581885359743,35.07620203393995
Japhia 149:0.1 32.682266666667,35.273366666667
Dabaritta 149:0.1 32.69153934379963,35.37078670386999
Megiddo 149:0.1 32.583066666667,35.177466666667
Scythopolis 149:0.1 32.4964494109699,35.503754030697
Tarichea 149:0.1 32.82426366795935,35.51621525411225
Hippos 149:0.1 32.7789862186853,35.65972711210914
Gamala 149:0.1 32.90160099279814,35.73991036272215
Bethsaida-Julius 149:0.1 32.90671215346735,35.63175951617155
Tarichea 149:0.1 32.82426366795935,35.51621525411225
Zebedee Residence December 13 ~ 149:0.4 32.90808018527833,35.6285106188142

View Larger Map


The original version of these maps were created by an anonymous reader of The Urantia Book. In 2011 Russ McClay added Google Earth coordinates, and improved the images. In 2012 Dr. Roger W. Paul added the information on the images themselves and added the line pathways to make them printable as a teaching tool.

The Google Earth coordinates for all these maps are contained with this KMZ file:

[Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based, two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional Earth browsers.]


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